Saturday, October 20, 2012

a twisted end

                                                    Does this ever happen to any one?
This never happens on my Murphy counter balance loom because it has an apron. It always happens to my warp ends on the Norwood.
My Norwood loom has a 2" sectional beam and every time the warp ends travel over the back beam the twists surface. It is total operator error i know. I have paid close attention and tried to prevent this, but these pesky knots and leaders always twist on me. I slide the lease sticks in to keep the cross and it allows me to weave to the end of the warp.Some how, this narrow sample warp twisted particularly bad.

The overshot sample is cut off the loom and being finished. no pictures just yet. The loom is sitting naked amongst boxes at the moment.
Because we are buying a new house! we have long grown out of our little 900 square foot starter. The new house closes just before thanksgiving and is over double the space! Most importantly, it has a formal dinning room that will hold both my looms and all of my weaving equipment :) Dear hubby has started calling it Heathers loomy bin lol. i have plans to install an 8 shaft loom in the next year...shhhh i haven't broken that particular news to the hubby yet. lol baby steps.

so no weaving going on at the moment, just packing and more packing.
my overshot samples have been washed and are waiting to be pressed and sewn into little pincushions. I packed all my yarn shuttles and books first because i know a new warp would have snuck its way on the Norwood. Thats all for now.I have to get packing. So much to do in the next few weeks.