Thursday, July 4, 2013


Summer vacation began 2weeks ago for us in Washington state. I have been so busy that i have not been making much progress with my 10 yard overshot warp. But my family is eating all home cooked meals our house is clean and my garden is beautifully weed free and flourishing. Its all about striking a balance for me.  My husband always says "a happy wife makes a happy life" he loves that little joke and i swear he navigates a conversation just to set it up to use that little jewel of his. But there is truth in the concept that making others happy will bring happiness back to you :) Truthfully, im in the final stretch of my warp and for once i have no clue what to put on next. Something with one shuttle for sure,or maybe a rag rug,maybe rep weave,maybe some kitchen towels,or Swedish lace! lol the dilemma of weavers through the ages"what should i weave next?" While i ponder this question i will show you what i have accomplished so far:
a beautiful bamboo/merino roving i bought at the Shepard's extravaganza
this is my second bobbin. I would consider buying a woolie winder, but i already have a dozen beautiful kromski bobbins. i just cant bring my self to do it.
there should be just enough left to fill my bobbin
i forgot to snap off a pic of the green overshot,but managed to angle my camera under the breast beam. I love this spring green :)
Then i was inspired by a colonial overshot coverlet i saw online one day. It hit me right between the  eyes,"wow that is the exact draft i have on my loom right now" How awesome was that? So i decided to give it a try and I'm liking it. I really like how the border looks like bunting.  Very patriotic :)
Happy Independence Day!