Monday, February 18, 2013

whig rose it is

My shoulder strain is much better and i'm back to weaving.  I finished winding all 480 ends and warped my loom over the weekend.

Here is the draft i picked for my table runners. you can find this on page 176 of  the Davison pattern handbook. I really like how there are the  rose and star versions of this. I wanted to do this in 2 colors but the yarn i chose is back ordered. So i decided i would just make one all in red while i wait for my order to arrive. Red is very traditional for overshot, but from a practical standpoint i needed a runner for my hall table and red will be nice from Christmas to Valentines day.(and i had a whole cone of red in the size i needed)
I usually sample a new pattern,but this is weaving up so nicely that i just kept now i need to back up a few inches and do a hem stitch so it finishes just as nicely.(not my usual way, but why not give it a go) There were a few minor set up issues. One thread had a pesky factory knot in it that i somehow missed in the winding process that had to be pulled and replaced, and i managed to skip a dent around the mid point which i did not see until i had tied on and started to weave. Un-weave,untie,re-sley from the skipped dent. It happens...truth be told i enjoy threading. Overshot is especially nice because the rules make it fool proof. Here is a closer view.
I'm using 10/2 cotton for the warp,5/2 cotton for the pattern weft and 20/2 for the tabby weft.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

after a delay im ready to sley

I strained my right shoulder. Its an old injury that acts up now and then,but it really put a hitch in winding my warp. I would get started winding and have to stop almost immediately. I have to use my shoulder for my day job (school bus driver) so even though i wanted to keep going i knew better than to over use it. Weaving is my hobby so i rarely put time limitations on myself. Its a journey that progresses at its own pace for me. If i want to sit and dawdle, i do. Also, part of my yarn order was back ordered. So it seemed like the universe was saying "relax and heal". My weaving brain is never idle however. Thanks to all my favorite blogs and the internet,my weaving connection is never broken. I prowled Amazon and  added to my weaving library. So all in all it was only a physical weaving break. Weaving seems to wind its way into my everyday life no matter what i'm doing or not doing.

Two new additions are the Tina Ignell book that is pure eye candy. I find these types of  books to be inspirational but lacking the in depth instruction that i want. Another point is that most of these projects call for 16/2 cotton or linen that i do not have in my stash. Reproducing one of these beauties will require either some major math adjustments or another yarn order. I'm not opposed to either,but i usually just look and drool at these kind of books. 

The other new book is something i ran across on amazon and decided to pick up. Its called The weaving book of Peace and Patience by Isadora Safner. (She wrote the weaving roses of rhode island book that i would love to look at, but just cant spend 70 bucks on.) There are 6 pages of biography about Peace and Patience (mother and daughter) and 29 weaving drafts that have been carefully interpreted for modern weavers. 21 of the drafts are overshot and the rest are assorted summer winter and bronson. All in all it is a nice booklet of colonial weaving that i enjoyed. all are Tromp as writ.

And finally, i have wound all 480 ends for a little bit of overshot. Next up sleying. Winding an all white warp was a bit boring after the colorful towels I just finished. Maybe I should try a colorful overshot warp next time with a light weft just to spice things up a bit.