Monday, February 18, 2013

whig rose it is

My shoulder strain is much better and i'm back to weaving.  I finished winding all 480 ends and warped my loom over the weekend.

Here is the draft i picked for my table runners. you can find this on page 176 of  the Davison pattern handbook. I really like how there are the  rose and star versions of this. I wanted to do this in 2 colors but the yarn i chose is back ordered. So i decided i would just make one all in red while i wait for my order to arrive. Red is very traditional for overshot, but from a practical standpoint i needed a runner for my hall table and red will be nice from Christmas to Valentines day.(and i had a whole cone of red in the size i needed)
I usually sample a new pattern,but this is weaving up so nicely that i just kept now i need to back up a few inches and do a hem stitch so it finishes just as nicely.(not my usual way, but why not give it a go) There were a few minor set up issues. One thread had a pesky factory knot in it that i somehow missed in the winding process that had to be pulled and replaced, and i managed to skip a dent around the mid point which i did not see until i had tied on and started to weave. Un-weave,untie,re-sley from the skipped dent. It happens...truth be told i enjoy threading. Overshot is especially nice because the rules make it fool proof. Here is a closer view.
I'm using 10/2 cotton for the warp,5/2 cotton for the pattern weft and 20/2 for the tabby weft.


  1. I love overshot and you're doing a really nice job with this piece. What sett are you using? Enjoy!

  2. thanks ann and judy! i set this at 24 ends per inch and i think it is just about right.i chose to try a plain weave selvedge instead of a floating one. so far my selvedges look pretty decent on the loom,but i will know for sure after washing and ironing.

  3. como se traduce el termino whig rose