Thursday, January 17, 2013

throwing in the towels

Here are the turned taquete towels off the loom. The texture is stiff and the cotton is quite shiny. I wasn't sure how i liked them. The warp and weft colors just weren't jiving well for me.

And here they are cut, serged  and washed.(still need to hem them) Wow what a difference!!
They are so soft. The colors blended and shifted in the wash like magic! I am so pleased with how the colors have turned out. It always amazes me how much things change after tossing them into the washer and dryer. I will definitely be exploring  this draft again. Big thanks to Sharon of In Stitches for sharing this draft!

Next up? Another overshot sampling project. I've already started to wind a warp of 10/2 cotton but i haven't quite settled on a pattern.This one maybe?

or maybe this one?

Both of these drafts are from the Handweaver's pattern book. Tomorrow im going to place an order at Webs for some spring colors in 5/2 and 10/2 cotton so i have plenty of time to decide on a pattern and warp my loom. I like Webs prices but their shipping and processing sure takes time. I guess its because they are on the east coast and i'm on the west, but my order always takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. They say good things come to those who wait,but i don't think they ever had to wait for yarn .


  1. Beautiful towels! Don't you love the way everything changes when they get washed and dried?! And your color blends are wonderful!

  2. P.S. favorite place in the world!! I was just there in December and I was driving past and I kept saying "don't stop, don't stop" because I already had a mail order in but my car stopped anyway...I have way too much yarn!