Sunday, September 23, 2012

laundry day = weaving

Sunday is laundry day at my house. Which means...weaving in between loads :) i wonder if anybody else has found a new appreciation for laundry because of weaving/laundry breaks.

The wine color is ruby glint and it went nicely with the champagne warp,but i love the blue :) The blue is valley yarns 5/2 cotton and the color is called nautical  .
If anyone was wondering about the book reference in the previous post,this is it. It is a fabulous book and i highly recommend purchasing it. The printer used high quality materials and it as a pleasure to sift through.

I am finding overshot to be a rewarding weave structure. It is fun to see how quickly the pattern builds.While i'm not ready to go out and design my own overshot patterns yet, with a little more experience  i can see how it would be quite tempting. I'm learning quite a lot with my little samples. Next time i will choose a looser sett. My weaving is not as square as i would like. I am also interested to see what a dark warp and light weft produce.


  1. I just got this book and Love it.Turns out a friend in Michigan has one of the looms from that company mentioned in the book. Her weavings are amazing considering she did them all on a Structo loom.

  2. Hi, I have a wish to you: please put on the right top of your blog: translate. You will find it by layout-gadget. My english ist not so good. Thank You. Ate

  3. thanks for the suggestion! you will find the translate button in the left corner :)