Wednesday, September 12, 2012

summer weaving

summer vacation is over and school started back up last week. i was able to get two warps on my loom and woven off this summer.

the first warp you might recognize as the turned monks belt project in issue 26 of weavers craft. i love plain weave and this draft turned out lovely. thank you Jean Scorgie for inspiring so many weavers with your fabulous publication!

the second warp was also inspired from the weavers craft publication vol 1 issue 2, however i played around with the treadling and tie up so they are not a complete match.

i actually wove 4 towels on the turned monks belt warp and 6 towels on the point twill warp,but i gave some away before i remembered to take pictures. here is a picture of the ones i have left and took for show and share at my local guild meeting last night.

currently i have an overshot sample on my Norwood loom. i just bought the book: Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes Miniature Overshot Patterns. this is design 76 Juliet 2, but im not treadling as written. im just playing around with the pattern.  i might turn this sample into pincushions or gift bags.

next in line is a draft that Sharon from "in stitches" sent me. here is my small warping board with the beginnings of a 4 1/2 yard can see her beautiful weaving at In Stitches. thank you Sharon for sharing this weaving draft with me :)

yummy bowl of warp chains waiting their turn on the loom.

this vintage casserole my dad gave to me was the color inspiration. thanks dad!


  1. I love how you weavers take colors from nature or life and turn them into beautiful fabric! T.

  2. I love the pointed twill, the one one the bottom of the pile looks interesting.

  3. thank you! i was playing around with two shuttles one black and one white.

  4. Oh boy, I look forward to seeing what colors you've put together. I moved my bench and think the reason the drawer doesn't slide out is that I hold it in the middle and just pivot to the other loom. It does slide out but not when I'm moving it - mostly when I push the drawer too hard.