Friday, April 5, 2013

learning from my warping mistakes

Warping back to front was an interesting experience. I have to say that it was really nice to wind those 2 inch warp chains and beam them separately onto the loom. I secured my crosses with painters tape like i'd seen in  other weavers pictures. It was easier on my shoulder than winding a whole warp at once.  I was also able to get great tension all along the way.  My mistake came when i went to thread the heddles. My front beam does not come off easily. But if i take out 4 bolts the front and back beam will tip up and down out of the way like a seesaw so i can access the heddles. Some how when my back beam was up in the air and i was hanging my individual  bouts over it they got twisted something terrible! Unfortunately this was not apparent to me until after i had threaded and sleyed and was getting ready to tie onto the front beam. grrrr. It is an easy mistake to make with this loom. A mistake i have made in the past.You'd think id learn...I have figured out how to remedy this but it is not ideal. I placed two pick up sticks in each tabby shed behind the heddles then slid them down behind my back beam like this.

This keeps those twists below the sticks and does not interfere with the weaving. unfortunately every other time i advance my warp i have to get up and slide the sticks back down. :(  Luckily my tension was good and i have managed to weave with this unfortunate adjustment. As they say: necessity is the mother of invention and you live and learn. Thankfully there were no threading or sleying mistakes.

Moving to the front of the loom. i was able to weave 56" for my mother's piano in her favorite red.

And i have begun a yellow one for the dresser in my spare room.
I just love yellow!
Next up will be one in blue for my dearest friend who just bought a new house.:) 
So i tried something new and made the obligatory mistakes.But I think i will try this again. 

warp-10/2 cotton
tabby-20/2 cotton
weft 5/2 cotton
sleyed 24 epi

And a parting shot of our pretty cherry in bloom. Spring is here and the weeds are too.


  1. The yellow is beautiful! Your cherry tree makes me wish spring would hurry up and get here in cold Illinois.

  2. Congrats on solving the threading issue so well. Why is it when something like that happens you never notice until well after the fact? I love the cheery yellow one, so pretty!