Monday, April 1, 2013

one done,and other begun

Whig rose is off the loom. I liked it so much i never got a chance to weave it in star fashion. Here it is just off the loom. I always like to spread out and admire the length of woven goods. Don't you? I think its a quirky thing most weavers do. Its just so satisfying to see.

This project was supposed to be for my new house but i already gave the red one away. I do that all the time. But, here are the other two in action. Yellow pattern weft and green tabby. I was inspired by the daffodils that the area i live in is famous for. Plus i personally love yellow and green.

And finally, the green one: just in time for Easter :)

My next project is another overshot project that will be a narrow dresser/piano scarf that will go to my mom for mothers day.(i still give my mom mothers day presents. Its a tradition i have always kept.)

I really liked this pattern on page 181 in "the green book", but for a narrow piano scarf it needed to be simplified. Less border and more middle was what i wanted.

 I kept looking and found this lovely pattern in the Nov/DEC 2010 handwoven. But i still wanted something with smaller borders.

Then i found this one by Gene E Valk in a handwoven ebook for top ten overshot projects. And its just right.

I'm warping up 10 yards in white and plan to play with several different colors. I have 2 house warming gifts to give in the near future so i decided to get a little more mileage out of this warp. I usually don't do warps that long because i tend to get tired of doing the same pattern over and over. I also plan on breaking out of my usual warping habit. I'm a front to backer. Its how i learned and it works well for me. But my Norwood loom has 2 inch sections on the back beam. My plan is to warp 2 inch bouts on my warping board and beam them individually. Lets hope it works and i can get uniform tension! 


  1. Love the yellow and green version, very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your projects....

  2. I like seeing my warps all rolled out too! Love all the different color versions. I learned to warp back to front then changed to front to back. That has always been much faster and better for me.
    Look forward to seeing your next project!

  3. I tried my best to learn back to front, but I love sleying from my hand. It's so fast. If I had a sectional beam, I might want to learn the other way too.

  4. I have 5 looms and one has a sectional beam. But I sley front to back on all of them. It seems less complicated and faster for me, but other weavers love back to front.